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IT business analysis as a servicePersonalized AI for Student LearningHR solutions provider with no upfront fees, 90-day guarantees, and up to 30 percent savings on manpower expenses to efficiently build teamsAutomated tool that converts Figma designs into responsive, pixel-perfect, and developer-friendly HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codeIT migration and modernization toolAI-powered IT migration and modernization toolA startup in Southeast Asia creating a recruiting CPU website that simplifies hiring for organizations by using AI to match skills and streamline the HRTech processAI Powered Idea Pain FindereSports and Gaming PlatformGrowth and Transformation Consulting for Startups and SMBsMeal prep serviceGreeting cardsAn AI-powered tool that scans GitHub repositories to create comprehensive coding portfolios for developersAI Powered Dog Introduction PlatformAI powered platform for dog introductionsAI Chatbot to Enhance Customer EngagementTransform your Figma designs into responsive, pixel-perfect HTML, React, or Vue codeDetecting anomalies in Segment, Mixpanel, and Adjust data combined with customer feedback and market research to create hypotheses about the reasonsAI agent builder for enterprisesOn premise data platformData anomaly detection tool similar to PagerDuty for marketing dataWren AI enables sales and marketing teams to quickly obtain results and insights by asking business questions without writing SQL, seamlessly connecting with existing Stripe and Hubspot systemsA platform that uses AI to aggregate and curate personalized news from the internetIdeawip is a platform that uses AI to identify real market needs from Upwork and validate business ideas by analyzing discussions on Reddit helping users create validated and profitable business opportunitiesTopSchool AISynthetic spider silk as an alternative bio materialSynthetic spider silk as alternative biomaterialPlatform for travelers to share reviews, ask questions, plan trips with AI assistance, and connect with localsAn application where locals can recommend places and shops to visitAn application to rent cars and motorcycles in tourist regionsA platform for businesses to connect with micro influencers in their niche for targeted marketingA platform for users to rent and lend jewelryCoffee shopA tool that designs experiments, writes research papers, and adds citations using AIA tool that converts speech to text for Apple Watch, desktop, and mobile phonesMigrating tool from Oracle to PostgresBest VPN to Use in ChinaCreate and publish a personal blog automatically using NotionP2P betting on Dota games using cryptocurrencyDestiny MatrixCamunda platform for workflow and process automationAn app connecting New Zealanders with local painters, pressure washers, mechanics, and other tradies using a seamless booking and payment systemTravel app for discussions and reviews about cities and locations with reward points for engaging responsesChatbot for customer serviceSaaS AI for automating legal contract generation to reduce lawyer feesSaaS for lonely dogsTravel discussion app where users post reviews and questions about locations and earn points for answeringBuilding Management SolutionA social media platform for researchers and scientists to create profiles, share achievements, and connect professionallyAn app that evaluates property value using AI based on location, size, and buildAn app or website that helps people lose weight by rewarding them instead of punishing themStep by step guide creation Chrome extensionAn app that tracks shared expenses and manages automatic deductions from linked credit cardsA Slack app for capturing feedback, enhancing collaboration, and streamlining product management in Azure DevOps BoardsDry shampooHigh-Ticket Business Consulting CoursesPsychology course creation businessA service that provides access to various APIs for different types of dataA simple AI email assistant offering personalized email addresses for AI-generated responses, summaries, and calendar entries without requiring a custom app or UIAn app that converts CVs into personal websites using templates and one-click deploymentAn extension that helps remove distractions from LinkedIn by offering focus modes for writers and job huntersA Fintech App for Seamless Money Transfers and Comprehensive Business Money Management

I found the tool very useful in getting real people's insights on topics. This is especially important for market research where you want actual opinions on things and not just theoretical information that you'll find from an ordinary search which uses articles or blog entries.

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