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Common search queries:

  • "alternative to" - Discover substitutes for popular products or services.
  • "best tools for" - Find top tools for specific tasks or industries.
  • "I'd pay for" - Identify what people are willing to spend money on.
  • "problem with" - Uncover common issues users face with certain products or services.
  • "I wish there was" - Spot market gaps where new solutions are needed.
  • "recommendations for" - Get suggestions for products, services, or solutions.
  • "how to improve" - Learn ways to enhance existing products or services.

Advanced search techniques:

  • Quotes " " - Extracts exact matches. E.g., '"machine learning"'.
  • AND - Requires all connected words to be in the search results. E.g., 'business AND idea'.
  • OR - Requires some words to match. E.g., 'startup OR business'.
  • NOT - Requires certain words NOT to match. E.g., 'business NOT failure'.
  • Parentheses ( ) - Groups parts of a search together. E.g., 'investment NOT (risk OR loss)'.