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Without IdeaWIP

  • Manually brainstorm business ideas
  • Struggle to validate market demand
  • Waste time on unprofitable concepts
  • High risk of business failure

With IdeaWIP

  • Ideas based on market needs
  • Validated market demand
  • Focus on profitable concepts
  • Increased chances of success

How it works

How ideawip turns market needs into viable business ideas.

Identify Market Needs

Our AI continuously scrapes Upwork to find projects and tasks where people are paying for solutions.


Generate Business Ideas

We analyze these needs and generate business ideas that reflect actual demand.


Validate with Confidence

Use AI to validate these ideas through real discussions on Reddit, assessing feasibility and potential profitability.


Discover the features that make our platform unique and powerful.

Idea Generation

Transforms market needs into viable business ideas in real-time, giving you a competitive edge.

Idea Generation


Scores your business ideas based on market demand, competition, and monetization potential.


Keyword Analysis

Analyze keyword search volume, competition, and trends to validate business ideas.

Keyword Analysis

Reddit Analysis

Analyze Reddit communities to understand user sentiment and identify market trends.

Problem Statement
Understand the problem statement and the pain points of the target audience.
Target Audience Insights
Demographics, preferences, and behavior of the target audience.
Competitor Analysis
Breakdown of key competitors highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.
Business Model
Overview of potential revenue streams, pricing strategies, and cost structure.
MVP Plan
Core features, timeline, and milestones for the minimum viable product.
Go-to-Market Strategy
Marketing channels, customer acquisition strategies, and launch plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most common questions about our platform.

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